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Mission Statement

This non-profit exists to help reduce juvenile crime by helping local police officers engage area youth in social settings that involve athletics and other activities. By making a connection with at risk and disadvantaged youth, as well as all youth in our community, we hope to build good citizens and foster positive relationships.

Our Story

Who we are:
The Story of Officer Donald Roger Lawyer

Donald Roger Lawyer was born December 10, 1935, in Dows Township, ND, to Elmer Lee and Viola (Borud) Lawyer. He grew up in the area and graduated from Arthur, ND, High School in 1954. He was employed at Burkholder Service in Hunter, ND, for 7 years. In 1963 he joined the Fargo Police Department where he was employed until retiring from the Force in 1992. Don retired to his families lake place south of Lake Park, MN. He died Oct 23,2018 in an ATV accident.

Don Lawyer was an officer that embodied the mission that Moorhead PAL tries to accomplish today. Moorhead PAL attempts to make lasting connections with local youth by allowing officers to use their interests, hobbies and talents to reach local youth in ways they would not normally do on a standard patrol shift. Through this organization, we can play a game of hockey, take a kid fishing or give underprivileged youth a bike. We strongly feel that by making a positive influence now, it will only help law enforcement in the future. The only limitations are the officers imaginations. We will always strive to find new and innovative ways to make positive connections and build trust with todays youth and tomorrows leaders. Don was able to accomplish this and make long lasting connections with his community that are still felt today.

Don was able to influence one youth in particular during his time as a Police Officer. Moorhead PAL was contacted by this individual who wanted to continue Don’s legacy by finding an organization that would help continue to build relationships with youth as Don did in his career. This individual did not want to be recognized but wanted to make an annual donation in honor of Don and his legacy. He only had two conditions. One, we share Don’s story. Two: the money donated goes to helping officers build relationships with youth in the community. We share his story below:

“Don was my mentor.  I lost my father to cancer when I was 9.  One of my older brothers had a rough time coping.  A year later, Don moved into our neighborhood in  North Moorhead and took me under his wing to guide me and help me become the person I am today.  When I was 12 on Halloween, I put  Vaseline on his motorcycle handlebars and door knobs.  He caught me and handcuffed me to his front tree.  I was really embarrassed.  When he asked if I wanted to be released he gave me one option.  Anything I pleaded.  Name your first son after me.  12 years later, my wife then and I adopted a Korean 1 year old and named him Don.  We remained close all of these years. Our family was saddened by his passing last week.  I want to continue to honor him by finding a cause that will support disadvantaged youth. Here is my son, who is named after Don Lawyer.  It isn’t important other than to show it happened.”

In honor of Donald Roger Lawyer December 10, 1935 - October 23, 2018


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